21/01/2016 LO: To establish that sentences come in types and explore the use of them (the Declarative) Because it give information and it is also teling you a sinple fact. No because i will not konw what  to write and i do not like  declarative sentences. The effect is that i will give clear information ro […]

1)bullfight and you have 15 minters  to  kill the bull but the spot frames  all around the wold but it is very hard 2)matador 3)If the game get to out of hand 4)to cut the meet and to help to show how to cut it . 5) i think that if you higher the Seyfert […]

                      graduating from Oxford, he spent a short time studying sunspots at Oxford University’s observatory. However, he soon realized that he was more interested in theory than in observation, and left Oxford for Trinity Hall, Cambridge, where he studied for a time under , the […]

Hey Mr north  how our you I am gust going to get the point  when you text me about Mr work and were I found the evidence and were I got the work I got it form Wikipedia and I but it in my own worlds. And I taped up Born 25 December 1642 [NS: 4 […]

I think that space is a good thing be because if it was not for aspect what will we do if it was no for  sir lsaac Newton how was born 25 December 1642 and died sadly but if I was not for him we will not now the the earth  is not hanging on […]

So I told Mr noth about the story and I sad the I thinnest lambakin is the min character  and he was going to the attic and in the book it say he what in the toddler room and he whant up the stairs and he what throw the carpeting and he open the attic […]

Hi my name is Ashley Roberts  and I am 13, l would  to talk to you about changing school hours to help teenagers. If we started the school day later, we would have more sleep and be better prepared for school.   Scientists say more sleep = better rest and more work when puberty starts, […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway